Risk Assessment Guide, 6th Edition

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Title: Risk Assessment Guide For Installation and Operation of Clinical Hyperbaric Facilities (6th Edition)
Author: Francois Burman, Pr. Eng, MSc.
ISBN: 978-0-578-22098-7
Publisher: International ATMO, Inc., San Antonio, Texas
Editions: 2nd Edition 2001, 3rd Edition 2002, 4th Edition 2006, 5th Edition 2010, 5th Edition First Revision 2013, 5th Edition Second Revision 2015, 6th Edition 2019
Description: Softcover
Pages: 206

Francois Burman, a Professional Engineer with considerable expertise in hyperbaric facilities, has provided healthcare professionals with the definitive document for assessing risk associated with installing and operating a clinical hyperbaric facility. Both monoplace and multiplace facilities are addressed in separate sections.

The 6th Edition of the Guide includes a risk level scoring tool so readers can quantify the degree of risk for every hyperbaric safety issue.

Author: Francois Burman, Pr. Eng., MSc.

Francois Burman is the Director of Underwater & Hyperbaric Safety for Divers Alert Network (DAN) in Durham, North Carolina. He is a Professional Engineer from Cape Town, South Africa. His background includes serving as a commissioned marine engineering officer in the South African Navy and then working as a project & welding engineer and later as a senior manager at the Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa. Since 1994, he has specialized in diving and hyperbaric engineering. He is a consultant on new manufacturing programs in the nuclear energy field and an international safety consultant in diving and hyperbaric medicine. He conducts safety surveys of recompression and clinical hyperbaric facilities internationally; and is a frequent lecturer on hyperbaric safety topics. Francois holds a BSc degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cape Town (1983) and a MSc in Medical Sciences (Baromedicine) from the University of Stellenbosch (2014).

  • Board Member/Treasurer/Technical & Safety Consultant of Southern Africa Underwater & Hyperbaric Association (SAUHMA)
  • Member of Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) Hyperbaric Oxygen Safety Committee
  • Member of UHMS Materials Testing Advisory Committee
  • Member of the National Fire Protection Association Technical Committee on Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Facilities (HEA-HYP)
  • Member of International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine Scientific Committee (2011, 2014, 2017)
  • Member of European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine Committee: Code of Good Practice
  • Member of South African Bureau of Standards Committee for Pressure Equipment
  • Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy Committee on Design & Piping