October and November 2020 courses will be conducted online

  • Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training (Oct 5-9, Nov 9-13)
  • The Wound Care Course (Oct 9-10, Nov 13-14)
  • Hyperbaric Safety Director Course (Oct 12-14)
  • Inspection, Maint & Documentation of Chamber Acrylics (Oct 15)
  • Hyperbaric Facility Maintenance Course (Oct 15-17)

The NBDHMT has approved Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training online. It is now an acceptable pre-requisite for CHT or CHRN certification.

It is undecided if the Dec courses will be conducted online or in-person in San Antonio.

If you have questions, please email us:

(Updated 9/29/2020)


Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine


International ATMO is the premier provider of hyperbaric medicine education, with more than 40 years experience in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Our Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training course has introduced over 10,000 health professionals, from over 20 countries,  to the field of hyperbaric medicine.  We take an active role in our industry by serving as committee members with the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, the Baromedical Nurses Association, National Fire and Protection Association, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.



For more than 35 years, International ATMO has educated healthcare professionals in the field of hyperbaric medicine. See ATMO’s catalog of courses including our UHMS and NBDHMT approved introductory course, Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training.



Whether you are starting a new wound center or adding hyperbaric medicine to an existing program, ATMO has a range of consulting services for you. Find out more about ATMO’s services and meet our consulting team.



International ATMO publishes books and DVDs in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Our best-seller is the CHT and CHRN Certification Exam Practice Book used around the world by exam applicants.


Online Store

International ATMO’s online store is stocked with popular resource materials in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Text books, exam study guides, and safety standards are available to be shipped to your door.


Are you a physician, nurse, or other allied health professional interested in beginning a career in hyperbaric medicine?

International ATMO conducts PREMIER courses in hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training (HMTT)

This 4 ½ day course is an interprofessional educational activity that provides a team approach...
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Wound Care Course (WCC)

This 13-hour program is designed to help physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other health care...
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Hyperbaric Safety Director Course (HSD)

This 3 day program provides necessary tools and resources to fulfill the responsibilities of the...
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Hyperbaric Chamber Acrylics (AC)

This program addresses the care of acrylic windows on clinical hyperbaric chambers. The curriculum includes...
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Hyperbaric Facility Maintenance Course (HFM)

Maintaining the hyperbaric chamber is only part of the preventive maintenance program of a hyperbaric...
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Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training for Animal Applications (HMTTAA)

February 24-28, 2020 This course is an inter-professional educational activity that fills a knowledge gap...
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Primary Hyperbaric Medicine Course (On-site Education)

The Primary Hyperbaric Medicine Course (PHMC) is a traveling version of our Hyperbaric Medicine Team...
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Medicine of Diving

Medical Seminars, Inc. developed Medicine of Diving to educate physicians who serve as medical consultants...
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Our faculty consists of physicians, nurses, technologists and engineers who are experts in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

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We have a variety of resource books, posters, and DVDs.

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